What are the benefits of our contact lens plans?

Free Emergency Appointments. Your ocular health is our first priority. If you are having any problems with your eyes or your contact lens wear we want to see you, as many times as is required, at no extra cost. Normal charge for emergency appointments is £45.

Routine Aftercare Appointments for your eyes and your contact lenses. Every 6 months you will have a personal aftercare to ensure your eyes are healthy and your vision is optimised. We will discuss any concerns that you may have and ensure that your contact lenses are still the best lenses for your eyes and your lifestyle. Normal aftercare charge is £36.

Your personal Total EyeCare Examination every two years, or more frequently if required. This is more than the standard Eye Examination. It includes Retinal photos, Visual Field Assessment, Pupil dilation, Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Slit Lamp Examination & Goldmann Tonometry.

Discounted contact lens prices

Contact Lens Solutions can also be included, if required

Home Delivery

20% OFF all sunglasses

20% OFF all contact lens & spectacle accessories

Your personal EyeCare all in one manageable monthly payment

FREE spectacles at each Routine Total Eyecare Examination

Why should I join?

When you wear contact lenses, it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure
they remain healthy and you always have the optimum lens for your eyes.

As a member of the elizabethevans scheme, you will receive routine contact lens check ups,
as well as any additional checks you might need, without any additional cost!
Our all inclusive package includes aftercare, contact lenses, solutions if required
and many benefits including FREE glasses.

Your monthly payment will be tailored to suit your needs and is dependent on the type of
lenses you wear. This means that you will only be paying exactly what you need to pay for
the goods and service you require.

By charging separately for our professional care and lenses, we are able to provide you with
impartial advice about your vision needs, as well as the highest standard of clinical care possible, regardless of the products you require.

Contact lens options

The latest lens materials and designs allow you to see clearly and comfortably whilst maintaining
the health of your eyes. It is our policy to provide you with a range of options to suit your lifestyle, prescription and budget.

Daily disposable soft lenses
There are a wide variety of disposable lens options available; all of which you wear once and
then throw away. They are suitable for the majority of prescriptions, including those with astigmatism. The great advantage with daily disposable lenses is that they do not require cleaning or disinfecting. Speak to us, and we'll help you to choose the right lenses for you and your lifestyle.