A picture says a thousand words!

Retinal photos provide one of the most accurate records of what the back of your eye looks like and here at elizabethevans, we are delighted to now be able to offer retinal photography as a valuable addition to your basic eye examination.


Retinal photos are high-resolution digital photos of the interior portion of your eye called the retina. These photos can assist us in diagnosing and documenting many diseases. At future visits, we can refer back to these photos in order to detect changes in the retina which might indicate disease onset or progression. Some diseases which can affect the retina are glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and high blood pressure.

My eyes are healthy. Are retinal photos still recommended?

Yes. By taking a retinal photo of a healthy eye, we can refer back to this photo at your next examination. This makes it easier to determine whether or not there are changes in your eye that might represent the start of disease.
We now offer the Total EyeCare Examination, which includes Retinal photos as well as other more advanced procedures. It is recommended that all patients have the Total EyeCare Examination but it is particularly recommended for people who have-

✓ Headaches
✓ See spots or floaters
✓ Family history of diabetes
✓ Family history of glaucoma
✓ Family history of high blood pressure
✓ High cholesterol
✓ Over 40 years old
✓ New patient
✓ Family history of macular degeneration (AMD)

Standard Sight Test

This is the basic NHS sight test . It's a fast and easy examination that lets us comprehensively assess your vision. You'll have to perform tasks at various different distances, so that we can optimize your sight for day-to-day activities. It is a check of the health of your eye and a basic screening for disease. We'll then discuss vision correction options, if need be, that will suit your lifestyle, whether it be spectacles or contact lenses.
Allow 20 mins
Private Fee £29.50

Total EyeCare Examination

As well as the standard eye examination, your Total EyeCare Examination can include all of the following - Retinal Photo, Visual Field Assessment, Pupil Dilation, Binocular indirect Ophthalmoscopy, Slit Lamp Examination and Goldmann Tonometry.

We will take a photo of the back of your eye using a state of the art digital imaging machine then examine the image. It doesn't hurt one bit and it only takes five minutes, but it aids in the detection and management of some serious eye diseases, as well as giving us a good gauge on the health of your eyes.

On top of your retinal photo, which gives us a great view of the surface of your eye, you can also have a visual field's assessment, which provides valuable information of what is happening below the surface. It measures your eyes' field of view, which is important for things like driving. These assessments are good because they can detect irregularities that normal eye tests can't. This is particularly important when glaucoma is suspected, and is also helpful in detecting vision loss caused by neurological disorders such as stroke or certain brain tumours.
It may be necessary to dilate your pupils to fully evaluate your retina. Your pupils may stay dilated for up to 6 hours and this may cause some problems with glare and focusing. It is therefore recommended that you have someone with you who can drive you home afterwards.

Allow 45-60 mins

Private Fee £45 *NHS patients only £20
No charge for Patients on Contact Lens Scheme


Eye examinations are vital to maintaining your vision and overall health.

Please state which Eye Examination you wish when you book your appointment, Standard or Total EyeCare.